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Rewarding Tree planting activities using blockchain technology and reverse climate change



The situation

The Situation:

climate change is real and that there are multiple factors like fossil fuel, bio industry, deforestation that contribute to it.

One of the major factor is deforestation. We need more 'carbon sinks' to store the CO2, but instead we loose forest at an acceleration speed.

China, Iran and countries in Africa are investing in planting trees and regrow forest.

So imagine you can give a tree to a friend as a birthday present or a company can plant trees to compensate their CO2 emissions.

Those trees will be planted in a deforestation project.

The tree history will be stored in a blockchain.



Why Traiggy?

  • Simple mobile app
  • Web-platform that provide transparency for the funding organization
  • Track each tree plantation in real-time
  • Security via blockchain technology
  • Use of blockchain technologies that doesn't use much energy
  • Use of Smart Contract to automate the transfer and eliminate the middle-man
  • Universal platform for all tree plantation
  • Decentralization of the work, as well of the user

How does it work?

Plant a Tree

1- Plant a Tree

Anybody (individual, NGO, governement, private company) who cares about the re-forestation, and planting tree can plant a tree.

Depending on the location, our mobile app will help the user to plant the best tree type based on the location (geofencing).

Take a Photo

2- Document your work

Simply take a photo with our app, and document your work.

By using our app, we know the GPS coordinate of the planted tree, as well the time and date the tree was planted.

Receive Money

3- Get Paid

Other Traiggy users verify the planting (via photos & other data in their app), drone etc....

Once confirmed, the tree planter (via smart contract) will automatically receive money in the currency of his choice, not only cryptocurrency, but local money of the user choice.




For tree planters

Anyone can plant tree and get paid for it.

Before the reward will be given (in the currency of their choice), the GPS data, photo of the tree as well the timestamp will have to be stored securely on the blockchain.

The is particularly useful for people living in remote area.


For Government

One of the problem is the funding that is given by government, or private company to know that the money that they are spending will be well spent.

The fund given by the government, will be stored on a blockchain, and given to the user who have their tree planting validated.


Totally Automated

Our platform use smart contract that will automate the entire process.

As soon as a tree is planted, the process has been properly documented and validated, the fund to the tree planter will automatically be transfered.


Powerful API

You already have a system in place? do you have an automated planting system?

Our platform relies heavily on our powerful API, that can interconnect your system, your iOT device directly with our platform.

The way to automate the plantation of tree can go via our API

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